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What is the Food Diversion Tax Credit ??

Posted by Tahirah Williams on

As you may have seen in a recent PRLA newsletter, The Feed Philly Coalition has been working to get a Food Diversion Tax Creditapproved. The Commerce Department is supportive of our efforts but ask that we max out an existing sustainability tax credit already on the books.  This will bring us another step closer to ending hunger here in our city, and with your help, we can get the rest of the way there.


What is the Food Diversion Tax Credit?


  • $4000 tax credit in recognition of sustainable business practices that donate food per tax year to an eligible shelter, soup kitchen, or other appropriate organization. Sustainable business practices including donating excess food.


What does that mean: Get a tax credit for donating food and food material that you do not use (food that would otherwise be wasted).


How YOU can help:



We are now moving in a positive direction where businesses are fully open, and our community is able to again be proactive in its efforts to respond to the massive food insecurity faced on a day-to-day basis in Philadelphia.


We are so appreciative of your time, your consideration, and your commitment to a city where no one goes hungry because no food is wasted. Let’s grow this movement together!


With gratitude,


The Feed Philly Coalition Team


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